Nvidia limits hash rate for GPUs, launches CMP for ETH miners

ETH miners

Nvidia, the tech company that invented the graphics processing unit (GPU), has made the decision to cater to the “specific needs” of the Ethereum mining community. The company stated in its most recent announcement that it has launched NVIDIA CMP, a dedicated GPU designed specifically for use in professional mining. At the same time, the hashrate that cryptocurrency miners can achieve with GPUs from the Nvidia RTX 30-series will now be limited by a factor of half. This ensures that gamers who use the same series of GPUs will not be impacted by the strong demand for new GPUs that is being driven by Ethereum miners.

The technology firm was of the opinion that providing “tailored products for customers with specific needs” resulted in the greatest amount of value for the company’s clientele.

We are taking a significant step toward assisting in making certain that GeForce graphics processing units find their way into the possession of gamers.

By utilising CMP, we are able to assist miners in developing the most productive data centres while still ensuring that gamers have access to GeForce RTX GPUs.

In 2017, investors initiated legal action against Nvidia, accusing the company of under-reporting sales of its GPUs, which were being utilised for the mining of cryptocurrencies at the time. According to the complaint, the company allegedly tried to pass off the sales of one billion dollars’ worth of chips for cryptocurrency mining as sales of gaming hardware.

The lawsuit claimed that Nvidia’s flagship product “was flying off the shelves,” and that the sales growth that resulted was due to crypto miners rather than gamers, who were Nvidia’s intended customers. In addition, the lawsuit claimed that the sales growth was due to crypto miners. At the time, cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and Ether had surged to new highs, which led to an increase in the demand for GPUs from miners.