IOHK donates $125K to newly launched Haskell Foundation

Haskell Foundation

The prominent blockchain engineering company IOHK made the announcement that it will be a sponsor of the recently established Haskell Foundation. The Haskell Foundation is committed to increasing the number of people using the Haskell programming language. IOHK announced that it would give a donation of 125,000 dollars to the foundation that was established on November 4 during the Haskell eXchange virtual conference. According to a release that was shared with AMBCrypto today, as a result of this move, IOHK will become the Haskell Foundation’s most generous donor.

The Haskell Foundation is an independent organisation that was founded by people who have been active in the Haskell community for a long time. Its mission is to broaden the use of the Haskell programming language in the open-source community, the business world, and academic institutions.

According to the foundation, its programming language, which is described as “open source,” makes it possible for “rapid development” of stable software that can be modified and is easy to maintain. The language includes support for integrating with other languages, built-in concurrency, as well as debuggers, profilers, and rich libraries. Additionally, the language includes support for integrating with other languages.

According to the foundation, the Haskell Foundation has received financial assistance from a large number of other businesses. However, IOHK has been contributing to the advancement of Haskell for a number of years and has even made investments in the growth of the Haskell community. This support has taken the form of the creation of online tutorials and education programmes as well as the delivery of face-to-face training courses in countries such as Barbados, Uganda, Mongolia, and Ethiopia. On the other hand, IOHK has also been directly involved in contributing to the creation of libraries for eliminating space leaks, and even building Plutus, which is IOHK’s Haskell-based smart contract language for the Cardano blockchain. Both of these activities take place on the technical front.

The company had the belief that the donation would not only support the goals of the Haskell Foundation to “enhance diversity within its community,” but would also lead to an expansion of the Haskell programming community.

In a statement, the Chief Executive Officer of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, said the following in regard to the sponsorship and ongoing support of Haskell:

The power of functional programming, open-source software, and open governance is something that IOHK strongly believes in. It gives us great pleasure to be able to lend our support to the continued development and widespread use of Haskell alongside other prominent businesses.