Here’s why this macroeconomist has Bitcoin, Ethereum in his crypto portfolio


It was reported on the 18th of January that Raoul Pal, CEO and Co-Founder of Real Vision Group, increased the amount of ETH he held. It’s possible that Pal made the decision based on his own assumption that Ether would reach $20,000, thinking it would perform similarly to Bitcoin in its most recent cycle. The macroeconomist was also of the opinion that Ethereum’s market capitalization would eventually surpass that of Bitcoin’s.

In spite of this, the crypto influencer’s most recent tweet suggested that his holdings were divided between ETH and BTC:

When a user on Twitter asked whether Pal had bought more ETH or sold BTC, Pal responded by stating that he had instead added more Ether to his portfolio rather than liquidating any Bitcoin holdings.

Raoul Pal has not changed his opinion regarding Bitcoin and remains bullish about the asset. He has, however, criticised those who were spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the Bitcoin markets.

It’s possible that Bitcoin will never be free of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that surrounds it, even if institutions start investing in it. There are a multitude of opinions that circulate frequently, many of which assert that Bitcoin is used by criminals, that it is a bubble, or that it is likely to face bans from governments.

The macro investor, on the other hand, does not see any risk or any “risk remotely near” to the Bitcoin bull market at this point. A former executive at Goldman Sachs sent out the following tweet on January 19:

Everyone needs to have a complete understanding of every risk in order to properly evaluate their own probabilities and level of comfort with risk. Even S2F follows a cyclical pattern. Everything else is just misinformation. At this point in time, positive reflexivity reigns supreme.

The macroeconomist held the belief that there will always be a bear market for all assets, including Bitcoin. On the other hand, Pal emphasised how important it is to know “when” the bearish trend will change the dynamics of the market. Following this, Pal stated in another tweet:

That encompasses the entirety of the investment process. The process of creating bear cases is only a minor aspect of the overall game. The same can be said for bull cases.

In addition to this, Pal asserted that Bitcoin would eventually be subject to regulation in the future, but that such regulation would “drive institutional adoption.”

On November 30 of the previous year, Pal planned to liquidate all of his gold holdings and invest the proceeds in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

At the time of this writing, the price of ETH is $1,375.96, representing an increase of 11.6% over the course of the previous twenty-four hour period since it was last traded. The price of Ethereum has dropped by 1.6% in the past hour; however, analysts continue to anticipate the launch of a new ATH later on today: